How Many Glutathione IV Drips To See Results? What the Experts Say

Whether you have turned to glutathione IV drips for a brighter complexion, stronger immunity, or help with weight loss, a question in your mind is: how many glutathione IV drips to see results?

It takes about 3–6 months of regular treatment to notice the first visible signs of improvement. We usually recommend 2–3 drips per week for a significant change within 6 months. However, this timeline isn’t a hard-and-fast rule and may vary among individuals because of their health condition and commitment to following the treatment plan.

In the face of controversy related to taking glutathione IV drips, a study surfaced highlighting the role of glutathione in inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme. This enzyme has a role in melanin production and may cause dark spots and pigmentation.

That should be enough for your curiosity, and now you must want to know the real deal about glutathione IV drips.

So, let’s start!

How Long Does Glutathione IV Take To Work?

While some patients observe noticeable changes within the first 3 weeks, it may take up to several weeks and months, depending on an individual’s health and metabolism. In certain cases, it even requires 12–18 months to provide you with the desired outcome.

Important: The frequency and dosage of glutathione IV are the primary factors affecting the duration of work. Skipping your scheduled session also delays the desired results.

How Many Glutathione IV Do You Need?

The required number of IV drips depends on your ultimate goals. It takes one or two sessions every week for six months to achieve skin-lightening effects. Glutathione gets 100% absorbed when administered via the IV route and directly reaches your bloodstream. But, an oral dosage of 600–1200 mg twice a week is required to obtain equivalent results.

How Often Should I Get Glutathione IV?

For depigmentation and skin brightening, you don’t need glutathione IV more than once a week. Considering the individual health condition and the indication for which glutathione IV therapy is required, your doctor may ask you to visit two or three times weekly. 

How Long Does Glutathione Result Last?

The effects of glutathione are temporary and don’t last for more than a year. Therefore, you need to continue your treatment for optimal results, but the frequency of IV drips may vary. Usually, this follow-up is required once every month if you have completed your first 12-month treatment plan without disruption.

How Can I Make Glutathione Work Faster?

Since the production of glutathione declines with age, you need to supplement it with additional sources. Eat whole foods like broccoli, spinach, and avocados, and include exercise in your routine to reduce oxidative stress. This will apparently improve the effectiveness of glutathione IV drips.

What To Avoid When Taking Glutathione IV?

When taking glutathione IV, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, as they increase oxidative stress and counteract the benefits. Also, cut down on caffeine intake and fried foods, which can reduce the efficacy of glutathione. Consult your healthcare provider about any medications you are taking, as some may interfere with glutathione metabolism. 

The Final Verdict 

Once you begin with the glutathione therapy, you want to know how soon you will see the benefits. However, you must never expect magic to happen after taking your first shot. While the therapy promises significant benefits, it takes time and commitment on your behalf.