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Improving your health can feel like an overwhelming challenge. With our caring approach to quick weight loss and cutting-edge medical services, it doesn't need to be. At Age Well ATL weight loss center, we provide safe, sustainable, and achievable solutions for health, fitness, and aging. No more sacrificing enjoyment for health—with the help of our experienced medical team, you can reach your goals with minimal changes to your lifestyle.

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Our medical experts provide services including HCG weight loss, weight management, peptide therapy, hormone replacement, sexual health, and anti-aging. Whether you suffer from poor sleep, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction, or other conditions—our services will safely and effectively give you the results to maintain a transformatively healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Age Well ATL?

We know the journey to achieving your health and fitness goals can be long and arduous. For busy professionals or those discouraged by past failures, success can seem an impossibly distant milestone.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health, we know everyone has one thing in common: we can all use a helping hand. Our combined approach to personalized treatment and cutting-edge medical and pharmaceutical technology means we can provide patients with results that would otherwise seem unachievable. Our world-class health, anti-aging, sexual performance, and fitness solutions mean optimal health is at your fingertips. Look and feel your best with the help of Age Well ATL.

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Our experienced team of medical professionals offers specialized care that's discreet, professional, and attentive. With hundreds of success stories, we're devoted to bringing the results in improved health, fitness, and weight loss Atlanta clients have come to count on from Age Well ATL.

You can expect quality, personalized care from the moment you walk in—so visit our clinic, learn more about our services, or book an appointment to begin your journey. Call us today, and our customer service team will schedule your free consultation appointment.

Medical Weight Loss vs Doing it Yourself

Adults taking part in a medical weight loss program are more likely to achieve weight loss at 3 and 12 months than adults following a DIY approach.

Real-World Effectiveness of a Medically Supervised Weight Management Program in a Large Integrated Health Care Delivery System: Five-Year Outcome

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Medical Weight Loss (Semaglutide)

Being overweight isn't a weakness—it's a medical condition, and at Age Well ATL weight loss center, we treat it as such. Our medically supervised weight-loss programs can help men and women lose weight, increase energy, and improve their overall health.

Peptide Therapy (Ipamorelin)

Known as the anti-aging peptide, Ipamorelin releases growth hormones to aid in cellular repair and rejuvenation. With Ipamorelin peptide therapy, patients can expect to see a reduction in body fat, improvement of muscle mass and strength, better sleep, increased energy, and more.

Sexual Health
(Men and Women)

Many people live with sexual health conditions, unaware that effective treatments are safe, easy, and can transform your quality of life. Our treatment approach allows both men and women to reclaim their intimacy and passion, with results that rejuvenate their and their partner's relationship.

Hormone Replacement (Testosterone Cypionate)

Testosterone Cypionate injections can help both men and women restore normal testosterone levels and reduce body fat, increase energy, boost libido, and gain lean muscle.

A hand holding an NAD+ Injection

NAD+ Injection Therapy

Revitalize your cellular health with Age Well ATL's NAD+ Injection Therapy. Harnessing advanced biomedicine, our formulation integrates high-grade NAD+ with expert intravenous protocols. Trust our evidence-based approach. Elevate mitochondrial function and combat age-related decline. Opt for excellence in cellular rejuvenation today!

Age Well Boosters

Age Well Supplement Boosters include L-Carnitine injections, B12 injections, personal training, and daily nutritional supplements. These non-invasive solutions can provide all-around boosts to your wellness and help you love the skin you're in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical weight loss is a type of treatment that focuses on helping people reach and maintain a healthy body weight and desired image. Medical weight loss is a program where your weight loss journey is supervised by a medical practitioner who will monitor your progress, ensure your safety, and prescribe effective medications to speed up the process of losing weight in a healthy manner.

The best medical weight loss option is the use of semaglutide, a prescription medication that works by increasing levels of serotonin and other hormones in the body. Semaglutide helps to reduce appetite and cravings. It also helps to boost metabolism, which can make it easier to lose weight. Other medical weight loss options include dieting, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and other medications that may have impacts in other areas of your health or can’t be used for prolonged periods.

Hormone replacement therapy is used to treat conditions where hormones are out of balance or decreased, such as menopause and hypogonadism. It can also be used in younger individuals whose hormone production decline due to aging or illness. Benefits include improved mood, increased energy levels, improved sexual function in men and women, reduced risk of heart attack, increased bone density and relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.